Horizon International High School held the annual Horizon Mathematics Awards Ceremony on the 6th June 2014 at Wits Linder Auditorium in Parktown. This day commemorated the top achievers in the Horizon Mathematics Competition and to acknowledge them for their exceptional mathematical ability.
The competition was initiated this competition in 2002 and has been running successfully each year. This year’s competition followed 2 round formulae. The first round took place at the individual schools. The top students who made 50% or above from each school were then invited through to the 2nd round at Horizon International, A.B Xuma Primary and Montrose Primary in Johannesburg. The second round of HMC consisted of a multiple choice questionnaire and the participants had 75 mins to complete the test.
The first round accommodated over 5000 students, from approx 43 school, which lead to the second round of over 1200 students being eligible to write. Students from 43 schools in the second round from grade 5, 6 and 7 were successful reaching the Top 200. All of the top 200 students received a certificate and token for their achievement sponsored by Waltons and Sharp and Casio,

TOP 205 Stats
Female 95
Male 115
Gr 5s: 4
Gr 6s: 58
Gr 7s: 143

Top 5 Prizes

4th Place BICYCLE
3rd Place A Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
2nd Place A Laptop
1st Place IPAD

Over and above these prizes AWARDS for the top participating school and top achieving school were:
Glenanda Primary and Parkview Senior Primary School respectively
KARABELO SIBEKO was the top learner in Soweto Division
ALEXIS MATZOPOULOS was the top learner in North Division
LEE THOMPSON was the top learner in the South Division

It was an extremely close call this year with Alexis and Jedd. Alexis achieved 3rd place last year and was the top Gr 6 learner.
This event is not only representative of the winners from GAUTENG.
The Horizon Maths Competition is a national competition.
Our First Place final award for the competition went to the school which had achieved exceptionally in the Overall placement. This is the school which had achieved the most numbers of learners in the Top 200 combined with the highest achievements. The successful school was PARKVIEW SENIOR PRIMARY!!!

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