The Horizon Maths Competition has been organized nationally for the past 13 years with this year being the third time in the Pretoria region. This year’s competition continued our two round format. The first round took place at the individual schools.

Educational Director of the Horizon Educational Trust: Mr Ilhami Demirtas, District Director of Education Mrs. Hilda Kekana, Officials from the Department of Education and Officials from Horizon Educational Trust and Trustees, Principals from participating Schools, Mathematics Educators, parents, guardians and top 150 students were invited for award ceremony of HMC.

Schools were invited to participate through emailing the educators, faxes to schools and our HMC coordinator personally visited various schools. We have tried our utmost to contact the rural schools and made arrangements so that the students could participate.

Top 150 Students and their respected parents.The students who qualified from each school were then invited to join us for the 2nd round that took place Saturday the 10th of May at Star College Pretoria. The second round of the HMC consisted of a multiple choice questionnaire and the participants had 75 minutes to complete the test without calculator.

Grade 5,6 and 7 learners from 25 schools participated in the competition, enabling our first round to accommodate over 4500 students from Pretoria, rising the national total for the competition to about 22 500 students. Over 450 students were eligible to write the second round in Pretoria.

HMC Prize Giving CeremonyThe prizes consist of

10th Place Digital Camera

9th Place Digital Camera

8th Place Bicycle

7th Place Bicycle

6th Place Bicycle

5th Place Bicycle

4th Place iPod

3rd Place Tablet

2nd Place Tablet

1st Place iPad

And there were many prizes for the rest of successful students.

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