For New and Regular Entrants:
The First Round will take place AT YOUR SCHOOL. (DATE TO BE ADVISED, Generally in March).

ALL of your Grade 5, 6 and 7 pupils are invited to write this exam. The answer forms and question booklets will be hand delivered to you with instructions. These answer papers will then be collected from you for marking and the students may retain the question booklet. The top 30 pupils of your school will then be invited to the second round. You will receive notification of these names via fax.

The Second (FINAL) Round of HMC will be held on at Star Colleges in Durban, CapeTown, Pretoria and Johannesburg or in a designated alternative. (DATE:2nd Saturday of May).

The exam consists of 30 multiple-choice questions, worded in English, and participants will have 75 minutes to answer these questions. Please note that both participating grades will write the same exam. The mission of this competition is to encourage learners to have fun and try in the field of mathematics, and allow those learners with a gift to shine through.


Awards and Prizes
1st Place: IPad and GOLD Medal
2nd Place: Tab 10 and SILVER Medal
3rd Place: Smartphone and SILVER Medal
4th Place : Smartphone and SILVER Medal
5th Place: Bicycle and SILVER Medal
6th Place: Bicycle and SILVER Medal
7th Place: Bicycle and SILVER Medal
8th Place: TAB 7 and SILVER Medal
9th Place: TAB 7 and SILVER Medal
10th Place: TAB 7 and SILVER Medal
11-50 place: BRONZE Medal and Various Prizes
51-100 place: CERTIFICATES and Various Prizes
TOP learner each region Bicycle
TOP learner in Grade Maths dictionary
TOP learner in each school Certificate
Best Performing School Award(Number of learners in top 50)
Top Participating School Award(First round participation)
Second Round Participating School Certificates
TOP three learners Educators Certificate
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